Trackside Support

trackside support

Services Available during NASA Utah Race Weekends: 

 Full Race Support $499.95 per day

+$75.00 per day Garage Rental per Car

  • Complete Multi Point Pre-Flight Checklist to ensure your car is ready for the next session
  • Engineering/Setup services: Optimize your car’s handling characteristics for your driving style, the track, or one of our professional driver coaches can set it up for you with our technicians to make sure you’re confident your car is handling the way you need.
  • Driving gear can be cleaned and ready for your next track outing upon your request
  • Relax in the garages trackside with the other drivers
  • Snacks and Beverages available in the garages
  • Professional Driver Coaching: Receive coaching from one of our professional driver coaches, all our coaches have raced in professional series to guarantee you are working with some of the best. Track maps, in car video and data may all be utilized to ensure you make the most of your time on track.

Services Available during all other events i.e. PCA Event, Private Trackdays, UMC Trackdays, etc:

Mechanical Support and Car Transportation $499.95 per day

  • Enjoy the same complete multi point -pre-flight checklist to be worry free throughout the day that your machine will be ready for the next session
  • HOWEVER, unlike our NASA Weekend mechanical support, all mechanical labor needs are included in this service, need a transmission swapped? That’s included in this service.

Professional Driver Coaching

Available as an addition to your Mechanical Support for $299.95 per day

  • Have one of our Professional Driving Instructors are your disposal for the day, they will be there to help you gain the large chunks of time, or find those last few tenths of a second to get you on the podium.